I'm Not a Robot

Comedy / Short Film

Max is just a normal dude trying to book a trip to Amsterdam with his fiancé, but when he logs on to the airline's website, he's confronted with a jumbled mess of letters... a CAPTCHA test. Max fails and, detecting a robot, the website locks his account. Obsessed with the question of his reality, Max embarks on a CAPTCHA-inspired odyssey to select pictures of crosswalks and rotate rubber ducks right-side up in a desperate quest to prove, once and for all, if he's a robot.

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Official Selection at Just For Laughs Eat My Shorts (2022), Official Selection at the Forest City Film Festival (2022), Official Selection at the Hamilton Film Festival (2022), Winner of the Best International Film Award at the Portland Comedy Film Festival (2022), 

Starring: Antony Hall, Nicki Whitely, 

Directed by:   Jason Speir

Written by:   Jason Speir

Cinematography by:   Ben Speir